Is an instalment possible?

12.04.2019 19:49

After we received a lot of requests to that theme we thought about a contsruct how you can order your chastity belt or bondage set with an instalemt payment. Now we can offer you this service. As the name says it’s a payment on rates, a payment where you can individuelly define the monthly rate and the time you want to pay. You decide how fast we produce you belt or bondage set. While using the instalment we use the time to produce your product. Please make sure to use the button „instalment“ when you order the product online. This way we can see which kind of payment you choose. To show you how it works here comes an example: Your order costs 650 euros, your first rate is for example 200 euros and after three weeks you pay another 200 euros and after another 3 to 4 weeks the remaning amount of 250 euros.

After we received the last rate we will send your already produced belt or bondage set. If you choose to use the instalment there will be no extra costs or interest. We hope we could fufill your wishes and appreciate your trust in us.