MY-STEEL Measuring Aid Measuring Kit

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Category: Measuring aid Measuring Kit

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Crotchband Shape

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Production- incl. delivery time (after receipt of payment and sending the measurements after a chastity belt order) approx.: 1 - 5 workdays

Most of our future customers who are thinking about purchasing their own "full chastity belt" do not want to travel to us and therefore decide to order their chastity belt via our online shop.

After a chastity belt order you can download a detailed and illustrated measuring instruction in our download center. So that the measurements can be taken, it is important to have your own leather belt ready and a measure tape. With these items you can take your measurements comfortably at home according to our instructions, but many still want a safe measurement method, so that the measurements can be taken even more easily and safely and you already get the feeling when measuring how your later delivered chastity belt can be worn from the "tightness" and feels.

We have developed a measuring belt or a measuring aid for all of you, which makes it easy for you to get the measurements for your future "full chastity belt" in addition to our measuring instructions. This measurement kit consists of a waist or hip band and a crotch band. In order to be is able to put on and close the measuring belt safely, there are Velcro fasteners at all ends, so that you can simply adjust your positions as often as you wish. Once the right position has been found, use an Edding to mark all the positions as described in detail on the measuring instructions. Once you have marked the hip or waist band and also made the mark at the root of the penis (put the penis through the slot) or the vagina, make the mark at the anus opening. You can then open the entire kit and close it again exactly as you made the markings.

Now pack the measuring aid or the KIT into a package and send it to us back to us. We can now take the measurements from your measuring kit and manufacture your desired chastity belt according to these measurements. So this KIT helps you to measure and gives even more security in calculating the measurements for your chastity belt. You can purchase the KIT individually or together with your chastity belt order.

The measuring kit is designed for women and men to take the measurements for a stainless steel chastity belt.