Chastity belt for female

It’s been now many years since we started to produce chastity belts for women made off stainless steel. The produced chastity belts for women are made individually for your personal body. As a woman if you want to buy a chastity belt we will, after you placed your order, produce your individual chastity belt for a woman.
Your body sizes will be determine and the chastity belt will be custom-made for you. It is actually just like a custom-made clothes, which are individually made for you.
The material which is used for your personally made chastity belt is skin friendly stainless steel. This material is also used at the food industry. This is exactly why stainless steel (V2A) it is very good for the production of women’s chastity belts.
The surface of the stainless steel will always be high polished at the production. On both sides of the stainless steel. Through the very high polished structure of the material the pores will be out polished and the structure gets closed on the surface. With that the corrosion of the women’s chastity belt will be prevented.