Chastity belt HeavyLine for women

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HeavyLine - this chastity belt is a indeed heavy model and manufactured with a heavy stainless steel with a thickness of 6mm. Due to material thickness deforming is not possible. The surface from the chastity belt is polished. The individual members are connected with stainless steel pins. With special single links, we can customize the measures adapted. The wear comfort is ensured with a unique ergonomic waist style. Of course, this kind of style is also adjustable in  the waist (+- 6cm).


The lock system from the chastity belt is equipped with a large and mightly brand padlock. The chastity belt has an continous crotch band with a anus hole. The length of the anus hole is 7cm and a width of 5cm. For permanent wearing the chastity belt, due to the weight of approx. 2400g, is only conditional suitably. The model is a marvelous instrument for adult education. Let's gives your fantasy full scope...










The following kinds of front shields are available:

Front shield with slotted hole: The slotted hole from the chastity belt has an length of approx. 5.5 cm an a weight of 0.5 cm. Front shield with urinal holes: The multi-row field with urinal holes is 5.5cm and a  weight of 1.5cm.

Please notice: Accessories are not compatible with this kind of style. Further isn't  possible the XPress-Service (Fast-shipping-service).

Please compose your own chastity belt:


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