Which chastity belt is perfect for me and my desirers?

12.04.2019 17:04

This a very important question for all those people who are looking for the right model. Especially when an upcoming purchase is near you should think about what you expect from your belt and what are your priorities. In order to help with the decision we want to give you a small introduction. Every model has there advantages and there own croatch bands. First of all you should know waht kind of person you are. Are you more skinny typ or are you a bigger sized person. Do you already tend to a specific model, an waist belt or more a hip belt? When do you want to wear your belt, only sometimes, or just on the weekends or during work? Are you wearing more jeans or are you a jacket wearer? Do you do any kinds of sport? You see there are a lot of questions which need an answer. Thats why we are trying to answer some of them. Here we go:

Am I a skinny person or am I a bigger sized person?

I think this is a question which only you can answer the best by weighting yourself. Is your figure more normal you can wear actually both models: the hip and waist belt. If you are more bigger sized you should tend to the hip model. An easy way to find this out is by looking in what height you are wearing your trousers. There are two kinds of persons, the one kind wear their trousers very low (at the height of their hips) and the other kind wear their trousers pulled (that is surely a waist model).

What does my everyday clothes look like?

What clothes should be woren over a chastity belt? If you are a business man and wearing a suit all day you can take the basic model. It’s not too much in the front and you should maybe not take the chains as croatch band instead maybe the straight or activ croatch band. Both versions run through your butt fold and are therefore invisable. If you’re wearing casual jeans and you have a normal desk job you can wear the chains as croatch band.

Which front shield is the right one for me as a woman?

If you have a normal or skinny figure you can take the standard front shield. If you are a bit more bigger sized and if you have a bigger croatch size you should tend to take the front shield long conical. This version is going deeper in your croatch and it has a narrow end so there is less rubbing between your legs. Often bigger sized woman have those problems.

Would you advice a normal or a curved front shield?

A normal shaped front shield is totally adequate. For those of you who want to see more the female shape you should go with the curved front shield. This version also covers the Venus mound and your pubic area. It also fits even better your shape.

Which shape of the hip band is the right one for me?

In order to make the right desicion you should look at your hips. Does the future wearer have a small hip and has a wide pelvis you should definitly pick the super ergonomic hip band. The advantage of this model is that you don’t have the pressure on just one spot. If you have an athletic and slim body you can take the ergonomic band. The ergonomic band is also a good choice for all kinds of men. The straight hip band is actually just the classic band which has a been used ages ago.

Do you want to wear the belt only in your free time?

There are many different opinions here. Some people just want to wear their future chastity belt only in their free time, for example to work out, to go shopping or to clean up your apartment. But if you want to wear your chastity belt while you’re at work you should clarify some further questions before you choose a model.

Testicles and penis should be locked away, is that possible?

Yes, we invented the „Untouchable“ especially for that. The testicles are completley seperated through an internal located tube. The testicales are protected in the front shield. This is our „Untouchable Premium“ version. If you want the shell shaped as a front shield but without the seperate spaces you should choose the „Untouchable Basic“ version.

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