Chastity belts for man / males and women / ladies / females

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female chastity belt

We manufacture for you chastity belts from stainless steel with silicone profiles at the edges for your body size. Furthermore, we also manufacture all accessories for chastity belt wearers, such as vaginal dildos and anal dildos for ladies belts and anal dildos for men belts. D-rings are also available as an option, no matter where the customer wants them.

We also manufacture security systems for quick and controlled access, such as the Key-In-Lock system. With us you get everything from one source, because we are manufacturers ourselves.

We would like to continue to implement your wishes - therefore the development of belts and bondage products continues for you. Convince yourself of the quality and the price-performance ratio of our MADE IN GERMANY products.

The belts, also called chastity belts for ladies and gentlemen, can be extended almost without limits to be equipped with accessories. Under accessories you can get a quick overview yourself.