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Category: Accessories

2 D-Rings on hip or waist band
1 D-Ring on the back side (only you have a continuous crotch band)
1 D-Ring in the crotch
additional D-Rings

starting from 1,00 €

including 19% VAT. , plus shipping (Standard)

Production- incl. delivery time (after receipt of payment and sending the measurements after a chastity belt order) approx.: 7 - 11 workdays

D-rings are a very important aspect for our customers when it comes to further upgrading our chastity belts and bondage products and by attaching D-rings, creating further possibilities of "playing" and fixing points. Basically, it is possible to attach a D-ring to any fixed position on the chastity belt or bondage product. It does not matter whether it is welded next to the upper closure system or anywhere else. If you wish, we can also install several D-rings around the waist band. But not only that is possible, but also the attachment in the crotch of the chastity belt is no problem. A D-ring can also be attached to the continuous crotch band at the top back.

The mounting of the D-ring consists like the whole chastity belt also of stainless steel. So that the D-ring does not rattle or unintentionally folds out or folds in again, a plastic bush is incorporated as bearing. The D-ring now slides in this bush without rattling. This means that everything can be folded in and out as required.

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