Ergo- vs. superergonomic

In order to quickly understand exactly what the differences are when we speak of an ergonomic waistband / hipband or a superergomic waistband or hipband, we have once provided you with two graphics that clearly highlight the differences. So we developed the two further forms from a normal unformed base waistband, which adapt themselves by the structure still better to the body forms of the respective wearer. Thus the punctual pressure, which can act on a base waistband or hip band, is converted into a flat pressure and the contact surface is further enlarged. You can see that the ergonomic band still has a straight sloping structure, but is already sold in an ergonomic form over the body. The supergonomic shape, on the other hand, has the wings falling out as an additional shape to achieve an even more perfect adaptation to the body shape.

For whom are which ribbons suitable?

We would like to explain this question in more detail between the ergonomic and the super-egonomic hip and waistband. As a rule one we can say that the completely straight waistband, which can be worn at waist level (different waist/hip), surrounds the waist as a pure round ring. It is simply a band. It is possible that pressure points may occur, because a punctual pressure is generated. As a hip band for men and women, we do not recommend the base band at all.

The ergonomic waistband or hip band can be worn well by all people. It does not matter whether it is used as a waist band or as a hip band for a woman or a man. Here the punctual pressure is already distributed much better. We recommend this band to almost all people.

The supergonomic waist or hip band has additional bulges in the wings so that the pressure can be further dissipated and the supporting surface becomes even larger. This causes even less problems when wearing. With this band, however, it should be noted that the circumference from the waist to the hip must show a greater difference so that the wings do not protrude. For example a woman with a very narrow waist and a pronounced hip. The super ergonomic waistband is the best choice.

Hinweis / Note