Travel System

You like to travel and do not want to do without the chastity belt...? You might want to equip your chastity belt with different crotch bands and adapt it to your individual needs? No problem! Then simply read our detailed information below.

Stowing and traveling

Basically it can be said that wearing a chastity belt has turned out to be more and more popular with the wearers and thus chastity can be guaranteed. However, it is the case that there are not only phases where the chastity belt is attached to the wearer, but also times when the chastity belt has to be removed or stowed away. Since it concerns a structure from high-grade steel, this is very stubborn and cannot be stored without considerable space losses in a cabinet. Or would you like to travel? Do you want to fold up your chastity belt and store it space-saving in a suitcase? Then our TRAVEL system will be used to support you with exactly the problems mentioned above and create the right solution! With the TRAVEL system, which is attached to the back, the crotch band can be separated from the waistband by a clever mechanism and reassembled. And all this without tools!

Change the crotch bands and adapt them to your needs?

This would be the second possibility that the TRAVEL system can offer as a problem solver. There are many customers who want to wear a chastity belt but want to use different crotch bands. So the different crotch straps can be adapted to the different situations. And this again without use of tools! All you have to do is loosen the crotch band by twisting it on the anchor and you have simply separated the crotch band from the waistband. Now you can take a second crotch band and install it again on the waistband. Ready, that's how simple it is!

Hinweis / Note