For many years we have been producing our handmade - made to your body measurements - stainless steel chastity belts and deliver them in Germany and all over the world. Thereby our customers order their desired chastity belt in our shop and we can produce it according to your measurements.

Now, as with any other product, it is of course also that later on there will be further requirements to have on the existing chastity belt retrofitted or added. This is absolutely no problem. With pleasure we manufacture further products for you, which you can install at your existing chastity belt.

Now it is so that every single chastity belt was made to a very certain measurements. No chastity belt is like a other. Thereby we talk about the circumference of the waist band, like the length of the front shield for females and also for males. Also the distance between vagina and anus or between penis and anus opening is different for every customer. Finally, the measurement from the anus to the rear attachment to the waist or hip band is different. Finally, the total step measurement is to be mentioned. You see that such a chastity belt is a complex structure. Of course we will convert the measurements during the manufacturing process to the realistic measurements of the steel chastity belt. These measurements are not documented by us, because it often concerns only some "mm" difference.

If you now wish a modification or a retrofit on your existing chastity belt, it is absolutely necessary that you send us your chastity belt back. Only then the new part, for example the interchangeable crotch band, can be copied exactly and adapted and bent to your chastity belt, so that everything fits correctly. Please have understanding for the fact that only so an optimal production of the extension is possible.

If you do not want to send the chastity belt to us, there is still the possibility that we make the new interchangeable step belt (but only in absolutely exceptional cases) and produce the rear part as (overlength). We can then send you the interchangeable crotch band to your home and you can determine the correct crotch measurement by yourself, so that all is fit. But this is only possible with an active crotch band (steel cable). Because of the double shipping we charge a second shipping fee for this service.

If you send us your chastity belt, we expressly ask you to send us your chastity belt in a clean, cleaned and degreased condition. If your chastity belt is sent to us uncleaned, we charge you a cleaning lump sum of 35 Euro!

We thank you for your understanding.

Your team of customized My-Steel chastity belts

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