You are wondering, which ordering options do you have for your chastity belt?

Often we receive inquiries regarding the ordering options and what possible ordering options we offer our customers, so that you can easily choose how you want to order your chastity belt. This question concerns many of our customers, because we manufacture all products from our website according to your body size after an order - for you. In order to be able to make such a custom-made product, we need your measurments.

We offer you the following order options:

1.) The easiest and most often chosen way to get your chastity belt custom made is the common way of ordering via our My-Steel Online Shop. This option is considered for about 85-95 percent of all our customers. You can easily add all your desired products to your shopping cart and pay for them. After placing your order, you will receive an e-mail from us, which you will find all the information you need, such as the invoice and the measuring instructions. You can now determine the measurements for your chastity belt comfortably at home with your own home remedies, or additionally buy a measurement kit to make the measurement even safer and then send the determined measurement sheet and/or the measurement kit back to us.

If the product is now paid and the measurements are available from you, the manufacturing process of your chastity belts begins promptly. The standard production time after receipt of the payment and the measurements - is 2-3 weeks. Of course you also have the possibility to accelerate the manufacturing process by using our express-service. Your chastity belt will be ready for shipment in only 5 working days after receipt of payment and measurements. If you use this order option described above via our online shop, you do not have to visit us to get your measurements determined.

2.) The second possibility of the order option is, you simply visit us in Eppertshausen and make an appointment in time for consultation and measurement of your new chastity belt and pay this appointment directly here. Most of our customers - however - cannot take this opportunity. There are usually two reasons for this. The first reason is that many simply live too far away and cannot make the long trip. This is of course also connected with additional costs and possible holiday days to start the journey. The second reason is that at a consulting appointment here in our house, when it comes to determining the measurements, the trousers must be completely removed so that all measurements can be determined cleanly. This is not easy for the most people to take off their clothes in front of a stranger person.

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