Item not purchasable

We would like to briefly tell you the reasons when some or all items are not available or not available for purchase. If this is the case, there are several reasons.

1. if our articles are switched off and/or are not buyable the first reason is that we have company vacations. In this case we switch all articles to not purchasable for this period. Only the articles for the consulting fee are unlocked.

2. the second reason why our articles are not purchasable is when we reach a certain budget in the month, then we turn off the purchase of the articles. Since we have limited capacity for manufacturing, this is the most reasonable way to stop further sales of the products. At the beginning of the new month, all products will be made chewable again.

3. the third possibility is when the items are not available for purchase, when there is a lack of certain materials and they cannot be delivered quickly.

You want to be informed by mail when your item is available for order again?

If you are also one of the customers who would like to be informed automatically when the items are available for order again, this is possible without any problems. Choose the article you want to buy. Open the article so that you are in this article. Below the article you will then find various fields. Starting with the "Description", then follow behind it the "Ratings" and if the article is set to "not buyable" then automatically appears another tab "Notify me when this product is available". Please click on this tab. You will then see a field where you can enter your mail. As soon as the article is available again, you will receive a message by mail. You can then directly place the order.

Hinweis / Note