Usage Notes

Usage notes for the use of the offered products

Please be aware that any and all of the goods supplied may be used for their intended purpose only and that the special instructions for use, which are attached in written form, if existing, must be complied with to avoid any health hazards.  Any unauthorised modification of the goods, in particular of chastity or bondage articles, etc., may cause danger to life and limb. The goods supplied by MY-STEEL may only be used with the express consent of the person using them and never against a person’s will.  

Making any of the goods supplied by MY-STEEL available to minors is inadmissible. 

In principle, prior to using any of the goods supplied by us, in particular chastity or bondage articles, all individuals concerned should seek medical advice as to the harmlessness of such use.

When using MY-STEEL’s articles, special attention must be paid to aspects of cleanliness and hygiene to minimise the danger of infections or other illnesses.  In any event, a thorough body cleaning should be done at least twice each day.  The wearing period of the articles should in any event be limited such that no inconvenience is caused to the user.  Please take care that all parts of the body are well supplied with blood and freely movable during use; any kind of cutting the blood circulation or bruises of parts of the body must be avoided.

The articles supplied should be used in a sober state only.  The consumption of alcohol or other intoxicants or drugs, in particular, while using MY-STEEL’s articles, can cause an increased danger to life and limb.

All articles have undergone a thorough examination in consideration of safety aspects; the use is, however, at the user’s own risk.  It has to be considered that during the wear of a chastity belt the bearer will be surrounded by steel bands within the waist and crotch area. This can create an unpleasant feeling or even cause pain. MY-STEEL does not assume any responsibility for any damage to body or health or otherwise or any problems whatsoever caused by improper, inappropriate or excessively long use.  The provisions of the German law on product liability (Produkthaftungsgesetz) remain unaffected.

Hinweis / Note