Learn more about our development in the field of chastity belts and bondage products

chastity belt high qualityWe welcome you to our website and are pleased that you have found your way to us. Surely you are interested in the topic chastity belts and all connected models and still open questions. We are sure that we can offer you high-quality products in the area of chastity belts, which are all custom-made and manufactured to customer specifications. This means that we have nothing but "standard", we have no products that are simply taken off a shelf and sent to you. These products are made in our workshop and we need each body measurements so in the end we have created a product can be shipped to you. This does not only apply to chastity belts, but also to the whole range of bondage products and also thigh bands, collars and ankle cuffs as well as wrist cuffs.

But how was our career?

It all started in 2001, when we started to develop and build the first models with the idea of custom-made chastity belts. As with every product, many attempts were made and wimmer recreated until the optimal entry-level models saw the light of day. This cost a lot of time, labour and development costs. After about 2 years we started to create our website and the choice of models was slowly increased. With the website our customers had the possibility to assemble their models on chastity belts and order them by mouse click.

The selection of models has been further adapted to customer wishes.

In the following years, after the opening of our website, more and more models of chastity belts were designed and offered to our customers all over the world. Thus we could reach and inspire further satisfied customers all over the globe. Until today we are always anxious to adapt the possibilities to changing needs in order to always be able to provide the optimal products. In recent years we have also added the full range of bondage products to complete our range. Of course the development does not stop and continues constantly.

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