Innovative and unique - KEYinLOCK-System

Are you concerned if in an emergency situation you do not have a key to open the chastity belt at hand - the key may be in a safe at home, but you urgently need it now and you need to open the chastity belt as soon as possible in an urgent situation? We have the solution for you.

Here we can certainly help you with an innovative and unique system:


You always carry your key with you, but the key is securely locked. The key is in the lock system of the waistband. Here the key, after which the chastity belt was put on and locked, is put laterally into the recess provided for it. The key is secured with a numbered KEYHOLDER plastic seal. This seal has a unique numerical code and cannot be easily replaced with the same number.

If you now have an emergency situation, an accident or you urgently need to go to a hospital, then you have your emergency key directly at hand, which is already safely stored in the recess of the locking system. All you have to do now is destroy the seal and then you can directly access the key for your lock. If the emergency situation is over and you want to lock yourself again, you only need a new seal that automatically has a new and unique numerical code and put the seal back on and lock it with the key. Done!

The KEYinLOCK system is available in our online shop.

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