The completely new system steel measuring belt is finished!

For many years, we have been offering our customers who travel to our showroom to visit us the opportunity to take a close look at all our products. A lot of people use this opportunity! After you have made the first contact with us, which is mostly done by mail, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to arrange a possible free date with you. Afterwards the reservation confirmation takes place by making by the payment to us your date with us fixed. Once we have received your payment, we will get in touch with you and confirm by sending you the invoice that your appointment is firmly scheduled with us. This creates a booking security for both parties.

When you have arrived as our customer:

The day of arrival is approaching and you are on your way to us to attend your consultation or measurement appointment with us. Since we have a quite large assortment of chastity belts, it is very desirable that we try on quite a lot of models on your body, in order to sound out the model suitable for you. This can take a lot of time, but we will then take a close look at your needs. After you have learnt a lot about our different models and the workshop of wearing a sample gradually comes to an end, tell us which model we can make for you. Once the decision has been made, we will directly measure your personal body measurements on your body. This measuring procedure is usually carried out with a measuring belt, which is fastened with Velcro and a very well sewn tape. To do this, you are given a part of the tissue measurement belt around your hips or waist and the other end leads through the crotch to the front, where the chastity belt is later fastened. Everything is precisely adjustable and can be tailored exactly to your needs. These results are already very exact and we then manufacture your future stainless steel chastity belt according to this measuring belt made of fabric. In the past, our customers who come to visit us here have more and more often wished in the past whether the possibility of a steel chastity belt would exist... The wish should look something like this: that you as a customer could be exactly your desired steel chastity belt model on the body when measuring? Now we have thought long and hard about these wishes to fulfill them. You as our customer will get exactly the same feeling as your later made chastity belt will sit exactly on your body and with exactly the same model you have chosen. The difficulty was to develop a completely adjustable pattern chastity belt, which can be adjusted to almost all body measurements.

The new steel measuring belt for you, if you come to visit us here in the Showrom

A system measuring chastity belt was developed, which can be transformed as a plug-in system in all possible models and can give you the feeling how your later chastity belt feels on the skin already when taking measurements. This system measuring chastity belt is made of stainless steel of course only provided with silicone profile in the most important areas, so that you do not get any pressure points. However, there is one small limitation. If you have a very tight waist or hip or are very thin, we will continue to take your measurements with our standard measuring belt. The same applies, for example, if you are very obese. With these two extremes it is not possible for us, because this adjustability then comes to your limits. However, if you are relatively "normally" built, we will be happy to use this new measuring method in our showroom. An unbelievable feeling, even when measuring, to feel exactly the model you want perfectly on your body! The measurements are now determined exactly by you and us and adjusted to your sensations until you say: "yes, this is how the chastity belt should be made exactly". After this release, your chastity belt will be copied 1:1, so that you will receive a chastity belt determined exactly according to your measurement wishes. Such a service, which is of course free of charge for you after placing the order, with such a "perfect" measuring method, is only offered by us (according to current knowledge).

Here are some impressions of the new System Steel Measuring Chastity Belt for women and men

On the picture you can see the countless individual parts, from which you can easily assemble the right measuring belt as a system belt. This gives you an optimal fit and the feeling of how your chastity belt will later sit on your body.

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