Frontshild for females

Especially for women - Different front shields for different situations

Ladies chastity belts are now available with different front shields:

1. front shield STANDARD with slotted hole (on picture: shield 2)

2. front shield LONG conical shape with slotted hole (on picture: shield 3)

3. front shield LONG conical shape without slotted hole with urinal holes (on picture: shield 1)

When you putting together your chastity belt in the online shop, you can also choose the shape of the front shield. The front shields LONG are available with the order of a chastity belt against a surcharge. In addition, you can not only buy flat and flat front shields from us, but also the new 3D shaped front shields, which adapt even better to the contour of a body in the intim area and cover everything. So the wearing comfort also increases with the 3D shaping.

All women's chastity belts now also with ergonomic 3-D-shaped front shields

We only want your best - Female curves also require an ultimate front shield. After the super ergonomics in the waistband we go one step further and want to offer you the 3-D curved ergonomic front shield.

When putting together your chastity belt in the online shop, you can also choose the shape of the front shield for an extra charge. You can choose exactly which type of front shield it should be for your chastity belt as an option for each chastity belt.

For whom is which front shield best suited?

This question is certainly also troubling you if you are considering buying a chastity belt from us for ladies? In this article we would like to explain the individual application areas to you in more detail.

The standard front shield with a long hole is suitable for almost all people who come closest to a "normal figure". This does not mean to be too strong. All these people can easily manage with the standard front shield and carry it well. However, if you are very sensitive between the legs or if the legs are thicker due to increased weight, you can opt for the long conical front shield. This extends further into the crotch and is slightly conical at the tip towards the front. This creates more space and freedom of movement for the legs and tendons.

With an slotted hole or urinal holes?

Here one must say in principle to consider whether a vaginal dildo should be used? If a vaginal dildo is to be used, the front shield is always used with a slotted hole. If this is not the case, you can also integrate the front shield with the urinal holes in the chastity belt.

Another important aspect is the size of the labia. If these are not so large, they can be worn with the normal front shield with a slotted hole. If you have large and sensitive labia, a front shield with urinal holes is always used so that the labia cannot slip through.

If you want to use a vaginal dildo and have large labia, then you need a front shield with a slot to insert the vaginal dildo. So that the labia do not slip in when wearing the front shield without the vaginal dildo, we recommend the labia protection with urinal holes, which can then be inserted into the sloted hole. This again prevents the labia from slipping into the slotted hole.

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