A made-to-measure production of chastity belts and bondage-products

What is a made-to-measure product? We want to clarify this definition at the beginning, because emails arrive us again and again, where such questions appear. Most of our visitors or future customers are not aware that there is a custom-made chastity belt as well as bondage products in these areas. Many are still of the opinion that chastity belts and bondage products can only be bought as bulk goods of any size, which are made of leather or (rusting) steel and have a partially impossible processing, which are then simply bought at the push of a button, so that the seller takes these goods packed from a storage shelf and puts them into a box and sends them to the buyer. Anyone who would like to order a custom-made chastity belt or other bondage product that you can find on our website will be pleased to have a custom-made stainless steel and silicone product made to measure for their body measurements. With such custom-made products, we always deal with you and can manufacture the custom-made product on the basis of your body measurements.

The custom-made chastity belts made of stainless steel

But how exactly can such a custom-made chastity belt be made? If you have now decided on a high-quality chastity belt made of stainless steel within our web shop, you can easily put together this chastity belt and all displayed items or extensions in the shopping cart and order and pay immediately. We now receive an email that your chastity belt order has reached us and get in touch with you. You can now easily determine your measurements at home, either with our measuring belt kit or with our measuring instructions, which we need for the customization of your chastity belt, or you can arrange a consultation appointment and make an appointment. Once you have determined the dimensions, please send them to us by e-mail or send the measuring belt kit with the markings back to us by post. Now the production of your chastity belt which is manufactured exactly to your measurements begins in our company. Each, of the individual measurements, is transferred exactly to the stainless steel sheet in order to design the custom-made perfect. Once the mechanical production has been completed, the silicone is glued to the stainless steel sheets. However, it takes some time before a custom-made product is ready. Depending on whether you have chosen the EXpress service when purchasing your custom-made chastity belt or not, it takes a few days (5 workingdays) with an EXpress service or 2-3 weeks with a regular production time until the final production. Then the final inspection of all dimensional accuracy of your product, the cleaning and packing of the goods takes place. We do not only manufacture custom-made chastity belts, but also all other bondage products, which you can buy in our online shop.

A made-to-measure bondage product made of stainless steel

As with our custom-made chastity belts, we also manufacture all our bondage products as custom-made to your exact body size. Let's take a neckcuff, or the handcuffs or the footcuffs. If you have decided for these Bondage products and the purchase over our on-line Shop is locked and transacted as well as paid, we take up after the purchase directly contact with you around you exactly instructions to give, how the measures for the custom-made production of your Bondage products must be determined. Once you have determined the measurements, simply send them to us by email and we will start with the customization of your ordered products. Technically all measurements are calculated in such a way that the inner circumference of the neck cuffs as well as the handcuffs and ankle cuffs will correspond exactly to your determined measurements. The protective silicone always lies between the steel tyre and your skin. The same applies to the custom-made thigh bands.

The made-to-measure bondage bra

The process of manufacturing a bondage bra is the same as described above. Also with this chastity bra we manufacture exactly according to your measurements and can manufacture a perfect made-to-measure stainless steel bra for you. Here you can choose from the size of the bra bowls in the shop. After you have placed your order, we will contact you again and send you an e-mail where you can read how the dimensions for a custom-made chastity bra have to be determined. Once we have received your measurements, we can begin production. Once your chastity bra has been made to measure, your goods can be made ready for dispatch and then sent to you.

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