Stainless steel bra

Women and men pay attention !

From now on we offer the stainless steel bra to you on multiple desire. The bra is completely made of V2A stainless steel, this also applies to the chains that are attached to the bra. Thus allergic skin reactions are almost impossible and also allergy sufferers wear our products without problems.

Many of our long-standing customers have turned to us with a wish that it would of course be a nice thing if the man or woman to a chastity belt also the matching counterpart, in the form of a bra could be worn. We have accepted this wish and thought about how we can fulfil it for you. The demand on a stainless steel bra should be: in different sizes of the shells (A, B, C, D) slightly in the closure or when closing the bra and a simple readjustment in the circumference, so that a circumference change is possible without problems. We were able to implement these three points and the result is a chastity bra made of stainless steel with a silicone border. So the chastity bra can be adjusted in the circumference of almost 100 mm. This adjustability takes place in the back area. If there is enough space between the shells, the bra can be adjusted. The chastity bra comes with all locks (3 pieces), the shoulder chains and the silicone profile. The connecting chains to a chastity belt are not included in the scope of delivery.

Now it is the case that the chastity bra can be worn alone as a pure chastity bra and does not require a chastity belt to be worn. To the same extent, the chastity bra can also easily be attached to a chastity belt to provide additional security against the bra being pulled upwards. This option is achieved when the chastity belt is still equipped with D-rings on the side. Additional connecting chains can then be connected to these D-rings, which can then be firmly closed at the lower D-ring on the chastity bra. So the chastity bra can be worn in combination with a chastity belt or alone. Then the connecting chains can simply be removed.

Hinweis / Note