The Chastity Belt Band

The Chastity Belt Band

Many of our website visitors are not really aware that there is a band called the Chastity Belt Band. Now you will wonder why we mention a music band within our website although we are not involved with music?

This question is relatively easy to answer. But we are directly connected with the product "chastity belt" because we have been producing stainless steel chastity belts for many years as custom-made chastity belts for females and males all over the world. Since we ourselves stumbled by chance over the chastity belt band as a music group on the internet, we thought that the name "Chastity Belt Band" is actually quite close to our products and for this reason we do not want to hide this band from you.

Who is this chastity belt band?

In this section we would like to give you some information about the story and the history of the "Chastity Belt Band" and how this band is composed. The Chastity Belt Band does not exist as long as some people might believe. This music band was founded in 2010 in the village Walla Walle in Washington (USA). The chastity belt band consists mainly of four young girls. These girls are Gretchen Grimm (sounds very German as name) as well as Annie Truscott, Lydia Lund (sounds Swedish) and Julia Shapiro.

The music style of the Chastity Belt Band goes in the direction of Rock and Roll, Popp Rock or alternative Rock. Up to this point the four girls have managed to produce four albums. The most recent album is called "Chastity Belt" and was released in 2019 and the album "I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone" was released in 2017. Another album is from the year 2015 and is called "Time to go Home". The oldest album is from the year 2013 and was released under the name "No regerts".

Chastity Belt Tour

As with almost every band that is founded once and slowly becomes more successful, the Chastity Belt Band has also successfully completed several tours. Basically, the Chastity Belt Band of course tours mainly in the USA, but according to our knowledge they have already done a European tour. So that you can see at a glance where the Chastity Belt Band is touring we have included a link for you. Please click on this link: Chastity Belt Band Tour.

Chastity Belt Music

Now we have already been able to tell you a few things about the music band "Chastity Belt Band" and of course we would like to introduce you to some titles that come from the mentioned albums. Let yourself now be inspired by this fantastic music:

Chastity Belt Band: "Different Now"

Chastity Belt Band: "No Regerts"

Chastity Belt Band: "Joke"

Chastity Belt Band: "Drone"

Chastity Belt Band: "Trapped"

Chastity Belt Band: "Cool Slut"

Chastity Belt Band: "Ann's Jam"

Chastity Belt Band: "It Takes Time"

Chastity Belt Band: "Lydia"

Chastity Belt Band: "Elena"

Chastity Belt Band: "Drown"

Chastity Belt Band: "On The Floor"

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