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Gold? Gilding? In this article we would like to talk about gold and gilding. When people talk about gold or gilding, it has almost something magical about it. Because today it revolves more than ever around the topic of gold or gilding.

1. Gold - Gilding
2. Gold - Gilding: The Material Gold
3. Gold - Gilding: Where the gold comes from??
4. Gold - Gilding: The purity of gold
5. With gold parts gilding
6. Gold - Gilding: Chastity belt accessories - parts that can be gold plated
7. Gold - Gilding: Gold plated chastity belts
8. We also gold plate your parts - just contact us

Gold - Gilding: The Material Gold

Gold is one of the oldest precious metals. Due to the unique color of the surface of a piece of gold or a gold-plated surface or surface, the gold shows a pure, high-gloss, striking yellowish color, which is very dignified in appearance. Furthermore, gold or gilded surfaces are so highly valued because in its pure form it is absolutely durable and can exhibit a high level of resistance. The surface of a gold layer or a gilded piece of metal is expressed by the shine, which is very rare and by the impression of imperishable rarity.

But gold is also a very heavy metal, the purer it is in its form. Already thousands of years ago, many objects of the rich and powerful were made of gold or gold layers. Jewelry today, if made of gold or gold alloys, are also beautiful works that are worn on the body. However, gold is also a soft metal unlike many other metals, so it usually has to be processed as a very thick material for jewelry.
If the case arises that gold has to be applied too thickly and it is usually only a matter of gold layers, gold plating is the method of first choice. Gold coatings or gold-plated coatings are metal coatings in which a thin layer of gold is applied to the metal.

Gold - Gilding: Where the gold comes from?

If we look at the common types of elements, of which the atoms are heavier than hydrogen, we can say that all these elements were created by nuclear fusion. A nuclear fusion, is an event preceded with enormous heat development, which takes place in the very high temperature range. With gold or a gold-plated layer the thing is completely different. Gold is an element which is many times heavier than the element iron. This element has originated from an eruption of a supernova core meltdown. Here the temperatures were still much higher with the emergence of iron. The developed gold has taken up the energy of this temperature.

Here one must understand that in the past, the earth did not yet have a hard earth crust and thus the entire gold, due to the weight, has gradually penetrated into the earth's interior. Through many active volcanic activities over the thousands of years the gold was slowly transported upwards again. Only this enabled the prospecting of gold either directly on the surface or by mining gold further under the earth's crust structure.

Gold - Gilding: The purity of gold

Gold, which is in circulation today, can appear in different purity classes. We would like to give you here once a short overview: The purity of gold or gold plating is always issued in "carats". This is how the fineness of the gold is output. This results in the total mass of a gold alloy and the associated weight percentage. If gold or a gold plating is stretched or mixed with other metals, such as silver and copper, the purity drops. Gold with 24 carat has a weight proportion of 24/24, so the gold corresponds to a purity of 99.99 percent. This is indicated in the gold by the "999".

With gold parts gilding

Now we could give you up to here already once an overview, what gold is and that with gold also parts can be gilded. Since gold or the gold plating of our products, such as the bondage products, the accessories and the chastity belts the demand has increased in recent years, we have thought about it some thoughts gamacht. Through the gilding of our entire product range, we are able to refine our customers the stainless steel parts with an elaborate process the entire surfaces with a 24 carat gold layer.

This makes your products appear in a completely different light. In order to be able to cleanly gild all stainless steel parts, it is important that the gold that has to be applied has a purity of 999. In the past, such a gilding of the entire parts was only possible in an immersion bath. Today this is possible in a completely different way. Today, the gold layer to be applied to the parts is possible by means of a current and a pad. This way all parts to be gilded can be covered cleanly and absolutely evenly with the correct gold layer. It entshet then an absolutely clean result, which can be seen.

Gold - Gilding: Chastity belt accessories - parts that can be gold plated

In this paragraph around the topic of gold or parts gold plating, we would like to show you which accessories parts can be gold plated.
Gold-plated parts from the accessories:
Gold - Gilding: gold anal cap closure
Gold - Gilding: gold anal closure
Gold - Gilding: gold front dildo pick up
Gold - Gilding: gold front dildo pick up
Gold - Gilding: gold d-rings
Gold - Gilding: gold plated key
Gold - Gilding: gold plated padlock
Gold - Gilding: gold penistube
Gold - Gilding: gold soft penis tube
Gold - Gilding: gold travel system
Gold - Gilding: gold pa fixiation
Gold - Gilding: gold labia protection

Gold - Gilding: Gold plated chastity belts

Gold - Gilding: Heavy Line CB for male

We also gold plate your parts - just contact us

As you have now experienced, we can cover all kinds of things, parts with a partial gold plating or complete gold plating with a 999 gold layer, which has a purity of 24 carats. Basically, we can gold plate all stainless steel parts. It is only important that you prepare the surface to be gilded cleanly and bring it to the necessary structure. The best optical feel you get when the surface was polished to a high gloss.
If you are interested, please contact us! We are looking forward to it!
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