Everyday life and care instructions when using chastity belts

You have received your chastity belt and the acclimatization phase begins

You have received your new chastity belt or another product from us, like a bondage set or the thigh bands or a bondage bra by dhl? Then we would like to ask you nevertheless, especially if it is about a chastity belt, to keep the acclimatization phase absolutely. Often the euphoria with the receipt of our products is easily accompanied with our customers and therefore the chastity belt is put on directly and not taken off again. You should absolutely avoid this, because your body has to get used to your new chastity belt made of stainless steel with silicone edges only very slowly. This can go quite fast and work already within the first weeks, but for most of them this acclimatization phase takes some months. Therefore we would like to ask you to wear the chastity belt only until small pressure points appear. Then take the chastity belt off again until the pressure points have subsided. So always increase the wearing times in coordination with the respective sympthoms, which your body announces to you.

Important: follow the care instructions of your chastity belt!

In this short section we would like to give you some information about the care instructions for our products. This concerns all our chastity belts which are equipped with silicone profiles - as well as the other bondage products - like thigh bands or the chastity bra. To ensure an increased wearing comfort with our products all products are glued with silicone at the edges. Because they are silicone profiles and they are very skin-friendly, they are also very sensitive to chemicals, all creams or other products containing fat. This also includes all oils etc. These fatty agents gradually penetrate the surface of the silicone profile and of course reach the adhesive. The silicone profile is then slowly softened and the adhesive loses its adhesion to the profile. Now the silicone profile begins to loosen. Please take our advice seriously, as we cannot guarantee in such cases if the silicone profiles have been treated in this way. The optimal care of the silicone profile is to treat it with talcum. This talcum keeps the profile dry and does not cause any damage. Wash your chastity belt with soap and water and dry it well. So the silicone profiles remain intact and do not become greasy.

Your My-Steel Team

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