The Full-CB chastity belt compared to a Chastity Penis Cage for Male

The Full-CB compared to a Chastity Penis Cage for Male

Again and again and such questions by mail, whether we could explain once more the differences between a full-CB (CB=chastity belt) for male and a chastity Penis Cage (often also called "CB" or "chastity belt") more exactly. Nothing easier than that. Let us begin now!

Basically, there are two types of so-called "CB - chastity devices" for male. One is the so-called full-CB made of steel or stainless steel, which provide the man with maximum safety when carrying and the so-called "partial-CB-s", which are actually a chastity Penis Cage and are often wrongly called "CB or chastity belt". A full chastity belt is a real CB-chastity belt, because it is weared by the man as a "belt" around the hips, respectively around the waist, and by a crotch band, which runs through the crotch and is linked to the front shield. The front shield of the full CB chastity belt, however, in turn, is closed directly at the top with the main closure of the waistband or hip band.

Only this type of full CB-s can provide a man with the necessary security when wearing a chastity belt. The tube is directly connected to the front shield and the penis is safely stowed in the tube of the CB. The tube is always pressed against the root of the penis and cannot be removed due to a relatively narrow wearing method of the crotch band. The penis is safely stowed in the tube. Of course such a full CB for a man should always be worn as custom-made, so that everything fits well and the full CB chastity belt can adapt directly to the body.

The tube on a full CB hangs securely on the front shield and thus the load that would otherwise act on the penis is absorbed and transferred to the waist band or hip band. With a Chastity Penis Cage this is completely different, but a little more about it later.

The Chastity Penis Cage compared to the Full-CB (chastity belt) for male

In the previous article we were able to give you an idea of the Voll-CB-chastity belt and its advantages. This article deals with the Chastity Penis Cage. Such Chastity Penis Cage are actually only curved tubes that are always equipped with a ring behind them so that this ring can be positioned behind the man's scrotum. Often these rings are not foldable and have to be tucked over the penis and the whole scrotum has to be pulled through the ring. This procedure alone can be painful.

Now it is so, if the Chastity Penis Cage was put on, the ring was placed behind the penis, then the tube can be connected with the ring after the insertion of the penis and be closed. Once this procedure has been completed, the Chastity Penis Cage with its entire load is now permanently attached to the penis or scrotum only! Many wearers report already after a short period of wearing that the traction on the penis can be very painful.

But not only this problem exists with a Chastity Penis Cage compared to a full CB chastity belt. But a further problem is that with a Chastity Penis Cage the ring can fall off by the weight, which works at the penis already with light sweating and/or can be pulled off. The ring, which should normally be placed behind the scrotum, simply slides forward through the moisture and the scrotum slides through the ring. The Chastity Penis Cage is already stripped off. This is certainly not what you expect as security when you get a "CB - chastity belt" for a male. In this case, usually only a full CB is possible for a man who does not have all these problems.

So many customers come to us or turn to us, who already wear a Chastity Penis Cage made of steel or stainless steel or plastic and now finally want to dare the step to have a full CB chastity belt made by hand. If you also have this wish, you can simply contact us!

Full CB: The application of a chastity clamp compared to a full CB

Also in this section we would like to show you the difference between a chastity cuff and a full CB chastity belt. We would like to start with the chastity cuff (no full CB). This chastity cuff consists essentially of a tube which is bent and the testicles ring. The tube is now pulled over the penis after the testicle ring is removed. If the penis is safely stowed away in the tube, the honey ring can now be placed behind the scrotum. The ring can be an undivided or divided honey ring.

Everything is now secured with a lock. The whole weight of the chastity cuff (no full CB) now hangs on the penis including the scrotum. If the wearer sweats now, which is often the case, the weight of the chastity cuff can easily take off everything which is not in the sense of the wearer and therefore offers no security. The chastity cuff is often the beginner model, before our customers find their way to us and want to buy a full CB.

Full-CB: The application of a full-CB s

A full CB is more complex in construction and also more expensive to manufacture, because the full CB has more individual parts and should be adapted exactly to the body dimensions. In order to put on a full CB, the waist band must first be opened. For this purpose the lock has to be opened, which is placed at the locking system of the full body harness. The wearer now enters the Full CB and pulls the chastity belt between his legs.

Afterwards the tube must be put over the penis. If the penis is now in the tube of the Full CB the waist band can be put on and closed. The safety is now ensured by the full-CB fastener, which goes around the waist and also between the legs. There is no more weight hanging on the penis! Thus the Full-CB as chastity belt offers the only real safe solution to close the carrier.

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