Return shipment from customer to My-Steel

Return registration by mail

You plan to send back your chastity belt or your Bondage Set or any other article to us to have it overhauled or to have a repair? Please note that a return of your package has to be made in written form only after a previous arrangement or registration by email. We can therefore allocate your returned goods and send all arrangements and offers in advance. Please describe exactly what you would like to receive or send us a copy of the offer, only then can we send you a suitable offer. If we have to find out at the receipt of your parcel that the information was not given and that we possibly have to install further parts that are missing, the parts as well as the time will be recalculated. For returns outside the European Union, customs duties are usually always payable. We will inform you of these as soon as we have received notification from the customs office. Returns that arrive without prior email notification or agreement with us, the return costs are automatically at your costs.

Return address

edel+stahl DESIGN GmbH
Im Wüstfeld 21
D-64859 Eppertshausen

Please always send a printout of the email traffic with your parcel, this is the only way we can quickly identify the appropriate assignment and process your request quickly.

Important: Return the goods cleaned to us!

It should be self-evident today - if you want to send back your worn chastity belt or a bondage set or a chastity bra to us - that it arrives absolutely in a cleaned condition.

What exactly does a cleaned product mean?

A cleaned chastity belt or a bondage product is characterized by the fact that smells or body fat are completely removed and no more greasy deposits are deposited at the stainless steel, the profile or under the lip of the hip band. We hope that this is understandable! Should we still notice deposits or other body fat or odours, the cb has not been cleaned or not properly cleaned!

How do you get the product properly clean?

Put the product you want to return into the shower and soak the cb for a long time with very warm water and add liquid soap. Now massage the whole product correctly and leave it all in for some time (depending on how dirty it is). After rinsing with very hot water, you can then pack a clean and dirt-free product and send it to us.

Please note:

Unfortunately we have to point this out, because exactly this problem has increased in the last years. Please keep to it! Should we still receive an uncleaned item, we will charge you a cleaning flat rate of 35 euros. We think you will understand this!

If you have now followed these points exactly, there is nothing to prevent you from returning your product and we can implement your order for you in a timely manner. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail.

Your team from My-Steel

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