Making an appointment for a visit at My-Steel!

Are you planning to visit our showroom to experience our product very closely? No problem! Just contact us. We are pleased to make an appointment for a consultation with you.
What will you expect when you visit us:

  • An extensive consultation (duration will be approximately until to 2 hours if you are here the first time) in a comfort atmosphere (our references and forum threads don’t lie),
  • A big range of pattern models, to get an overview of the big diversity of our models,
  • A try on of the pattern models with taking the measurements afterwards (if, of course, wanted).

What exactly is the procedure for such a consultation appointment?

When you have arrived our showroom, you first take a seat on our couch and then you will be served water or coffee. Afterwards we will give you a short insight how such a chastity belt is constructed. This takes on average 15-20 minutes. After this introductory phase we come immediately to try on the chastity belts. Now you can test the different models and try them on. This process takes about one hour. Once you have decided on the model that is right for you and you would like to place an order with us, the measurements are now determined exactly (time about 15 minutes). Attention: If you do not place an order in our showroom, no measurements will be taken at your premises! The next there are some shipping and billing details if you have ordered. The consultation should then be completed after 1.5 - 2 hours, as we have to restore the showroom afterwards and often have follow-up appointments for other customers.

If you are interested, we would like to ask you to read the below mentioned terms and condition, before you make an appointment with us:

In the past we had some people who where interested in an appointment with us, which they did not cancel. This is unpleasant because we canceled other interested customers because of that.
In order to increase our planning reliability for our customer circle we decide to charge a consultation fee of:

Consultation for one or two chastity belts or Modification:

Here you can buy the consultancy/conversion fees in advance. Please arrange an appointment with us before you buy.

The amount has to be paid in advance! Payment on our location is not possible!

  • 55 EUR (buy directly here) for every further consultation or appointments for adjustments or rebuilding’s or else*
  • 90 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation for one chastity belt
  • 130 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation if you want one chastity belt and a chastity bra
  • 130 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation if you want two chastity belts (for example for couples)
  • 110 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation if you want one chastity belt and thigh bands
  • 150 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation if you want two chastity belt and thigh bands
  • 170 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation if you want one chastity belt and chastity bra and thigh bands
  • 210 EUR (buy directly here) for the first consultation if you want two chastity belt and chastity bra and thigh bands

and take the opportunity to have your measurements determined with our new system steel measuring belt when you visit us.*

New purchase / adjustments / readjustments / conversion requests / extensions
(This applies to purchase online and/or in our house - valid from 2 months after receipt of goods)

You have no additional costs, because we will offset the fee if you place the order! The following taking the measurements in our showroom (if desired) with our new measuring belt is therefore free of charge and you have exactly the same feeling as your future chastity belt sits 1:1 on your body. And should is there still be a small change afterwards, this change will of course still be implemented free of charge (within the first 8 weeks) for you.

If you want to make an appointment, please follow the instruction:

A visit is only possible if you had made an appointment. Our demand is to take the time to fully inform you. This is only possible if we can take the time for you. Please plan about until to 2 hours for the appointment.
This leaves us with 15 minutes of preparation and follow-up work (cleaning/tidy up).

Make an appointment early (at least 7 days in advance) by e-mail with us. If you would like to make an appointment at short notice, it is important that the consultation fee is initiated within 24 hours of contact confirmation by e-mail. If this is not the case and we hear nothing more from you, we assume that the appointment is not really important for you and the pre-reserved appointment expires automatically or is handed over to the next interested customer.

Please pay attention: A written by mail appointment reservation will only be confirmed if your payment has been done by payment in online shop! You will then immediately receive a written fixed appointment confirmation and the invoice for the payment. Only now the visit is firmly planned with us and your date stands!

We can offer you the consultation on these days:

-Monday-Thursday 4 pm till 7 pm
-Friday 8 am till 5 pm
-Saturday 8 am till 3 pm2.

The Consultation and measurement will place at this address:

edel+stahl DESIGN GmbH
In Wüstfeld 21
64859 Eppertshausen

After the payment we will confirm your appointment via e-mail.

Now there is nothing more in the way of your visit. If we don’t receive the payment we will reserve this appointment for another customer!

Of course you can make a short-term visit, please contact us by mail.
A PayPal credit although is made within a couple of minutes by online shop.

We are deeply regretting that we have to take this step and we hope that you can understand us that we had to change our procedure.
We want to offer a first class consultation service for those customers who are really interested in our products!

If you need further information to the theme chastity belts for men and woman you can find them here.

The way to My-Steel:

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