Chastity Belt: Hip style or waist style?

Chastity Belt: HIP Models

In this short article we would like to describe a bit more about the wearing height of a hip belt. Many ask themselves at which height such a model should be worn. As a rule of thumb, a value of 8-10 cm below the navel has settled as the optimum height over the last few years. Of course it can still have certain deviations, but everything is within this range.


Chastity Belt: WAIST models

As the name suggests, waist bands will be worn far higher. This way of wearing the chastity belts is suitable for most people who have no belly and a clear demarcation between the waist and the pelvis. It is often the case that especially men who are slim can wear a waist model, but men with a belly should almost always wear a hip model. The carrying height is almost the same as the height of the navel. You can see these well in the picture.

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