Measurement instruction for the chastity belt is beeing sent to you after you placed the order

13.04.2019 16:18

When do I get the measurement instruction for my chastity belt and how is it constructed?

You’ll receive the measuremt instruction right after you placed your order at our online shop via email. You’ll receive together with the invoice and further detail via email. We do not send the instruction to you before you placed the order. We kindly ask for your understanding.

How is the instruction for the chastity belt constructed?

You just have to follow the steps in the instruction. We explain them step by step to you where and which measures you have to take. It’s a detailed description with pictures so you can do nothing wrong by following it. If you measured out everything you send the document back to us and we will start making your belt.

You see for yourself that the instruction is very detailed, because it’s very important that you measure exactly. The whole document has a couple of sites.

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