Untouchable chastity belt change / rebuild / exchange of the front shield respectively crotch band

13.04.2019 15:51

We often have customers who have many different chastity belts and they want to change or exchange some systems. Of course we mean the front shield or only the crotch band with applied systems. Or they want a new one or a rebuild of a front shield or the crotch band from their chastity belt.

There is often the wish to changethe crotch band and/or the front shield between the different models and systems or to take parts of the old system and to implement it into another model. Generally it is easy to change or to make a new crotch band or front shield within a system (TOTAL system or KOMFORT system). But if you want to change between an untouchable an another basic model, this will get a little more complicated. The Untouchable has totally different structure and the different attachments at the front shield or the crotch band.

Untouchable chastity belt

Here you see the mounting of the crotch band and the front shield. A change of the crotch band with another chastity belt model is because of the mounting not possible, as seen on picture number two. And it’s not possible to change the front shield either because of the same reason. If you wish for us to change it anyways, we have to produce a whole new crotch band with the front shield.

Transformation chastity belt

You can see, that you can’t change the crotch band with the Untouchable, either. It’s also not possilble to change the front shield with the Untouchable. The Transformation chastity is only one example in this case. It’s pretty much all the same with the other models.

Hinweis / Note