A chastity belt with brilliants and gold or with jewellery from Swarovskis as a special present?

12.04.2019 17:01

Who is not looking for THE special and individuel present for his or her partner. Are you sick of seeing the same stuff at the jewelier and knowing that it’s not a personelle and individual present. We’ve decided to change that. We are offering you to design a very individual and personelle present for you. We are working with Edelstein Fasser und Goldschmieden for a couple of years now and we will get you your personelle jewellery at the closing of your chastity belt. Get yourself insperated if you see fine and pure gold is working into the locking system maybe even with some brilliants around.

Just imagen how it looks if it blinks in the light and has the shape of a clean and high polished lock system. You have very individual ideas, please contact us and we will find a solution for every wish you want. If it should not look  so magnificent but still elegant and individually we can use jewellery from Swarovski. You will be thrilled.

Hinweis / Note