A modified lock for your chastity belt

13.04.2019 16:46

Every chastity belt needs at least one safe lock from the company „Burg-Wächter“. There is also a possibilty that you get two locks for your chastity belt, that depends on what system you order. All locks that are delivered are modified because in order to push the lock easily over the bolt you need a modified lock. You will see the modifications at the picture below. You see the two diagonal included grooves at the side of the lock which has a flattened diagonal in the middle.

The bolt holds a groove as seen in the picture below where the shackel can be put into the lock. The locks has to be open to do that, so that the modification of the lock  matches perfectly.

Important! The lock can only be put over the bolt in this way. Always open up the lock or the shackel might bent and so the lock can’t be closed any more. Don’t use violence. The only way this can be repaired is to press together the shackles.

Hinweis / Note