Adjustability of the locking system

13.04.2019 17:29

We want to explain to you our legendary adjustability of the locking system at all our chastity products. Behind the cover plate the flat locking system is hiding the easy adjustability of all our product lines. You will receive your custom made chastity belt in centre position. If you look at the picture you will se that you can easily tighten your chastity belt if you lose weight. The protruding silicone profile are neatly cut off at the locking system and the chastity belt can be woren again. That way our system can balance out 6 cm without any problems between the tightest and widest setting.

Our chastity belt can surely balance out weight fluctuations. Everybody gains and loses some weight in certain situations, that‘ totally normal. We have a solution if it happens to you.

Even if you gain weight that’s not a problem. As you can see you can open the locking system easily, than use the adjustability and close it. You will receive a piece of silicone profile in the colour you ordered with every delivery which you can use as compensation between the end of the silicone profile and teh locking system.

Hinweis / Note