Anal plate for the chastity belt – construction and performance

13.04.2019 18:23

Anal plate for the chastity belt – construction and performance.

The anal plate is the perfect answer for a total closure of your chastity belt. The idea had some of our customers. It should be constructed that the crotch band is closed so it’s impossible to take a dump or to put any objects into the anal entrance without anybody noticing it.

You will see the solution on the following picture. The anal plate is made off two oval shaped half shells. One side has a bolt and the other side has a distance ring weld on it. It is locked with a security lock.

The next picture shows the anal plate for the chastity belt, which is secured with a security lock.

That’s how the anal plate looks like if it is insert at the crotch band of the chastity belt. The lock can be put on upside or downside, just the way you like. It depends on how the anal plate is inserting to the crotch band. The anal entrance is secured to control to take the dump or to put in objects. You can only take it off by opening up the lock.

Hinweis / Note