Anal shield for vibrators and anal chain

13.04.2019 18:13

Anal shield for vibrators and anal chain.

The chastity belt with continuous crotch band can not only holds a stainless steel dildo it can also hold a vibrator or an anal chain.

Of course it always depends on the wishes of the wearer. To install the right dildo or the right vibrator to the chastity belt to use as an anal vibrator or anal chain you need the right anal shield with the matching opening so that it holds the vibrator or the chain correctly.

On the following picture you can see the construction of the anal shield and how the matching toys look like.

Anal shield with an opening for the anal chain

You can press the end of the anal chain together and push it through the right opening. After that the slip knot gets back in the normal position and it stays in the perfect position.

Inserted anal chain with the matching anal shield.

The anal shield to use a silicone vibrator, that can be regulate. The silicone vibrator gets hold by the silicone ring. So it can’t slip later and the vibrator can be used with an electric device.

The silicone vibrator installed at the chastity belt. You can see how the device can be controlled thought it is built in the chastity belt.

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