Can I exchange the anal shield at the chastity belt afterwards?

13.04.2019 17:53

Can I exchange the anal shield at the chastity belt afterwards?

We’ve often been asked if it is possible to exchange the anal shield at a later time. The answer is: of course! You can first order your chastity belt and order later the anal shield without any problems. You just have to consider some things before you order your new chastity belt, so that it will turn out good afterwards.

What information do you need if I order a chastity belt?

If you found your new chastity belt, your order will be confirmed and we receive your order. Now you let us know via e-mail, that the ordered chastity belt needs to be prepared for the anal shield.

What do we prepare at your chastity belt?

To install the anal shield afterwards the crotch band needs two holes. One of the holes is already there as standard, the one in the crotch. The second one is important. It is a hole above at the crotch band. We will make the two holes while producing your chastity belt and you will receive the exact measurements from us. Now you can order the anal shield whenever you want.

Important: The exchange of the anal shield affects only the crotch band.

If you want to exchange the chains of your crotch band you need to send us your chastity belt.
If you want Activ crotch bands you need to order the anal dildo and you need no more adjustment, it can be installed right away.

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