Can I get cromed security locks?

12.04.2019 17:00

If you order a chastity belt you will receive one with a standard brass lock. But you have always the possibility to pimp your belt with a cromed security lock. The crome look goes great along mit the stainless steel because it has almost the same colour. You can choose the crome locks in our online shop and put it along with your other orders in your cart. Please note that you should look how many locks are in your order so that you have the exact same amount of cromed locks.

You will have no problems with these locks and you can do whatever activity you want to do, for example having a shower, go to the swimming pool or else. There are even no problems with salt water like in an ocean. Just make sure that your dry the locks with a hair blower so will get no problems with rust film. Once in a time you can put a drop of oil in the locks, this way you can enjoy your toy for a long time.

Hinweis / Note