Can I use my belt in combination with suspenders?

12.04.2019 15:21
We know how important it is for men, who want to be more female or who want to spend their day in woman’s clothes, to have the opportunity to combine the chastity belt with suspenders and beautiful stockings. This is also relevant for woman. Just imagen, how beautiful a belt looks on a woman if the high-gloss steel fits perfectly the shape of the woman. It’s truley a feast for the eyes of fans of the festish / bondage and bdsm scene but also for photographs.

And on top of it some beautiful stockings maybe with some nice ornaments. To fufill these dreams our customers can order as many D-rings as they want or need. They have to be foldable and if you want you can order suspenders bands which we would like to deliver to you. All you need to do is to connect the stockings through the rings and mount the end with clamps. Erotic and sexy are the perfect words to describe the look. The combination of classiness combined with a female or beautiful male body shape couldn’t be any more beautiful.
Hinweis / Note