Can I use the sauna while wearing my chastity belt?

12.04.2019 16:09

If you are planning going into a sauna with your chastity belt, which is made ​​of stainless steel, prepare yourself with problems.
Because the ambient room temperature of saunas is coupled with high humidity it raises rapidly up to 60 degrees and more. This means that stainless steel takes a very short time to adapt to the temperature of the hot environment. Surely you will burn yourself. Thus wearing a chastity belt in the sauna is unadvisable.

This is the exact reason why you should take of all your jewellery like rings, piercings etc. before going into the sauna. This will ensure that your skin does not get burned.
The same applies to our chastity belts. We advise our customers to always take of the chastity belt, before entering increased ambient temperatures.

Just as it’s not possible for a firefighter to enter a burning house with a chastity belt in order to extinguish a fire.

Hinweis / Note