Can I use various anal shields?

12.04.2019 19:26

Our range of products rose in the past and we invented new, better and different anal lock systems. Now and then we received wishes and suggestions from our customers and if it is in any way possible we made it for you.

The straight croatch band can be adapted to the anal shield, near the opening, and can be locked up at the backside (at the height of the hip or waist band). The long hole can be used for any kind of possibilities. Just to name a few: anal dildos, plugs or a special anal shield to adapt a vibrator.

You can also choose a TOTAL lock system. This version has an anal steel sheet which makes it impossible to got to the toilett. If you prefer a decent version you can also get one with an anal cover. Two curved steel sheets, one in the inside and one on the outside, cover your anal opening and a lock can be connected with the bolt at the outside. This way you don’t need a lock at the back croacth band at all.

An anal shield can even be conntect with chains as croatch band at the lower sitting D-rings and can be closed through a hole in your waist band, in the middle of the backside. If you have a steel robe as croatch band it’s possible to adapt an anal dildo with only one handhold. The dildo can slide up and down which is pretty helpful when you wear a belt and a dildo.

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