Can I wear a chastity belt during my period as a woman?

12.04.2019 16:40

This is a question many woman ask us. And we totally understand that more woman want to wear a chastity belt but they don’t want to underestimate their own security. In times like today with sinking inhibition and inhibition threshold, physical abuses against woman are more frequent and here woman can defend themselves effectively.

Now let’s get to the actual question: Many woman who are wearing a chastity belt are reporting us that it’s possible to wear a chastity belt while having their period. There are different possibilties you can choose. You can use a tampon or pantry liner as usual, the pantry liner can be placed between the front shield and your vagina. It can be fixed to the front shield. If you want to change the pantry liner you can easily push the front shield so you can change it without opening the belt.

This takes some to train this. At last and that’s very important that the cleaning especially while having your period is the most important hygenie point. We recommend to shower two times a day and cleaning it while showering. The belt can be woren at that time and the locks have to be dryed afterwards with a hair blower.

Hinweis / Note