Can you see the chastity belt through my clothes?

12.04.2019 17:21

We use very slim stainless steel sheets for the chastity belts, so you it’s almost invisble underneath your clothes. Many of our customers asks us this question, this is why we intend that the belts can be woren in our showroom. We have about 35 till 40 samples in our showroom. Our customers are always thrilled to see, that you can’t see the belt benaeth your trousers or skirts.

This applies to our KOMFORT system and to our TOTAL system, which has a second lock at the front plate to adjust the crotch band. The thickest material is the silicone border, which is 6 mm thick. So you can’t see the belt underneath your normal everyday clothes.

Another advantage is the extrem plain lock system, which also helps not seeing the belt beneath your trousers or other clothes. A thicker piece or a piece that sticks out makes wearing the belt impossible. Our system is also at the waist adjustable. Allow yourself to be convinced by our modells and arrange an appointement with us. We explicitly want you to try on one of our samples.

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