Chastity belt - final adjustment of the crotch band

12.04.2019 20:14

Chastity belt - final adjustment of the crotch band.

It happens again and again that customers want to buy a chastity belt, who either do not have the possibility to travel to us or live so far away, for example in the USA. In addition, our customers are still accompanied by the fear when they measure themselves lelbst that they are doing something wrong and therefore the chastity belt is not quite optimal.

The chastity belt for ladies and gentlemen - ordered as final adjustment.

In order to take away your fear of measuring something wrong with the final fit of the chastity belt, we have created a simple and perfect possibility for our customers to exclude these last small sources of error as far as possible.

How does such a final adjustment of my new chastity belt work?

That is actually quite easy to explain! You normally buy your chastity belt with all options in our online shop. We will then receive your order by e-mail. After receiving your order, we will send you the measuring instructions and the invoice by mail. You measure then your chastity belt with our measuring instruction and send us the data sheet by mail again.

Now we manufacture your chastity belt according to your measuring data, however not until the complete completion, but as far as you can see on the pictures. The protective foil remains on the stainless steel and the silicone profile is not yet glued or it is temporary edge protection. Now comes the most important aspect of the final fit of your chastity belt: The rear part of the crotch band, as you can see on the picture, leaded open and in a so-called "excess length". This is exactly where we come in! By the overlength of the crotch band, no matter if it is a "continuous crotch band with anus opening" or the "chain crotch band" or the "steel rope active crotch band" as you can see in the following pictures.

When our production is finished up to the described point, we will send you the chastity belt as "raw chastity belt" by mail to your home. Now you can adjust and test the chastity belt and exactly the length of the crotch band by means of the device. If everything is adjusted correctly, then tighten the device and send the chastity belt back to us! We now finish your new chastity belt with the optimal dimensions and glue the silicone profile and remove the device from the back of the chastity belt. When everything is finished, the chastity belt will be sent to you!

You pay then only once the transport of the "raw chastity belt" in addition, nothing else!

An optimal final chastity belt adjustment, for all those who have last doubts!

Chastity belt with final fitting device. Everything is adjustable!

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