Chastity belt for women - the Straight-Line

12.04.2019 20:20

Chastity belt for women - the Straight-Line.

The chastity belt for women, it captivates by its extremely flat front shield. Through this flat front shield, the woman can wear the chastity belt even under the tightest clothing, without even the slightest fear that you might even rudimentarily discover that the wearer (woman) is wearing a chastity belt under the jeans. It really couldn't be flatter!

The Straight-Line Chastity Belt for Women with the Snap Mechanism

The chastity belt Straight-Line for the woman has a mechanism at the end of the front shield which allows to uncouple the front shield from the crotch strap in the easiest way. It can be disassembled for cleaning, which makes the chastity belt smaller and more space-saving. The continuous crotch band as shown in the pictures is just one example. There are other crotch bands available and installable.

The chastity belt for the woman with additional Travel-System

In order to store the chastity belt even more space-saving, be it in a suitcase or in the cupboard between the clothes, it is recommended to equip the chastity belt with a Travel System. With a short twist, the chastity belt is effectively disassembled into its individual components. Now you have all individual parts separately. If required, the chastity belt can be returned to its original shape by simply putting it together. It is so easy to turn a chastity belt that is flat in the front into a space-saving miracle.

On the following pictures we would like to show you the chastity belt Straight-Line for women.

The interior view of the chastity belt for women with Travel System - the Straight-Line.

The folding mechanism of the chastity belt - Straight-Line for women.

The chastity belt Straight-Line for women disassembled. The chastity belt can be stored in a cupboard or in a suitcase to save space.

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