Chastity belt havy line for men - for extra hard guys!

12.04.2019 20:24

Chastity Belt HavyLine for men - for extra hard guys!

Yes ganau! We have called this heaviest chastity belt for men Havy-Line because it is made of solid stainless steel and with a material thickness of 6 mm its massiveness further supports. The stainless steel is V2A and is used in the food industry! This chastity belt is completely ground 240 grain and electropolished to make the surface resistant. Each of the individual elements of the chastity belt are provided with hardened connection pins, which function by the solid material as joint locks. This means that each element connected to the other can be unfolded by the hinge mechanism. A truly "heavy piece" for the tough guys among us. Who wears this chastity belt will feel well protected. Of course, the model is not designed for endless long wearing times, but for educational purposes and shorter uses.

The Chastity Belt with the Penistube

The penistube is welded directly to the front shield so that it forms a unit. Thus the penistube stands out a little to the outside. At the end of the penis tube a half shell is welded, so that the penis cannot protrude in front. A small urine hole provides for the safe urine discharge. The penis of this chastity belt for men is safely kept and withstands all efforts to escape.

The buckle of the chastity belt

The buckle of the chastity belt is tightly and securely fastened with a solid brand lock from Abus. Of course you will also find our proven adjustability on the waistband, as with all our models. So the wearer can adjust if necessary somewhat more narrowly or further.

The Havy-Line Chastity Belt for Men

The penis entrance at the front shield of the chastity belt

The chastity belt unfolded with the hinges.

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