Chastity belt HavyLine for ladies - for hard girls!

12.04.2019 20:18

Chastity belt HavyLine for ladies - for tough girls!

The HavyLine chastity belt for ladies is made of solid material made of stainless steel - solid material. The surface is polished and thus optimally protected against rust. The tough girl, who is in this chastity belt, can not escape any chance even rudimentary. The waist bands are manufactured as joint bands and equipped with extra hardened joint pins. The edges are broken, so that it makes wearing on the body pleasant.

The stainless steel chastity belt Havy-Line is secured by a massive security lock from Abus. The front shield is discreetly shaped and has urinal holes in the intimate area. At the end of the front shield the crotch strap is connected to the rear part. The anus opening allows the "big deal" to be done easily. The chastity belt should be used for educational purposes, not really intended to be worn on the body for long periods of time.

The waist band goes ergonomically over the waist and prevents by the slightly twisted form that the pressure on the waist area becomes too large. As usual with our chastity belts, the havyLine chastity belt is also triple adjustable in the waist area.

Are you interested in such a massive chastity belt as a splendid piece on your body? You want to be the tough girl? Serve for your master?

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