Chastity belt with double-activ crotch band

12.04.2019 20:41

Chastity belt with double-activ crotch strap (steel rope)

The chastity belt with the new crotch band as double activ is characterised in particular by the fact that instead of two chains, which are led backwards through the step of the chastity belt to the waist band or hip band of the chastity belt, now two steel cables as double activ crotch band lead backwards through the step to the waist band or hip band.

Some of our customers have wished for such an innovative crotch band at their future new chastity belt, because now the possible clattering of the chains is prevented by the quite stiff steel cables of the crotch band. The "big business" of this model is easy to do as usual. With this chastity belt we have come a little closer to the wishes of our customers.

All our chastity belts can be equipped with this double-activ crotchband, regardless of the model.

The back view of the Ergoslim chastity belt with double Activ crotch band.

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