Comfort chastity belt for men in the Activ design

13.04.2019 15:45

You can get the Comfort chastity belt for men in the Activ (steel rope) design.

The basic front shield is hung into the tube of your chastity belt. The penis tube can be adjusted in the hight in three different positions throught the holes which you find at the front shield. This way it can be adjusted so the wearer has the most comfortable position. The waist band / hip band is secured through the locking mechanism and the safety lock. A steel rope goes through the crotch is also made out of stainless steel. So it’s invisble if you wear trousers.

The back of the Comfort chastity belt.

The steel rope secures the back of the chastity belt. You can see the tube, which is at the front shield and holdes the penis.

Another view of the chastity belt.

As you can see there, there are the holes for the cleaning which are important if the man wants to keep there tube tidy without taking off the chastity belt. Of course the flushing doesn’t replace the hygiene, which is very important.

Hinweis / Note