Do I get additional products with my delivery?

12.04.2019 16:35

As mentioned we send all our packages with a neutral consinor so nobody can draw conclusion by the look of the package. Discretion  is our top priority! You can only see the name our company "edel+stahl DESIGn GmbH" and the package has no imprints or else. This applies for all packages and all letters.

At the inside of your package you’ll also find a cleaning syringe, you need it to clean the tube at the outside. Fill the syringe with water and you can refill the holes of the tubes. Urine residue and other residues can be flushed out of the tube and is clean again.

You also get a piece of silicone in exact that colour you ordered for your product. If you gain weight you can replace the spots of your waist band and the skin of your stomache is protected.

Hinweis / Note