Ergolslim chastity belt for a lot of freedom between the legs

12.04.2019 20:27

The Ergoslim chastity belt for men with continuous crotch band

The Ergoslim Chastity Belt is one of our models, which meets the demands of the wearer in the way who attaches importance to the freedom between the legs. Especially chastity belt straps which are built a bit tighter and have less space between the thighs, this model is very useful because the front shield is very narrow. This means that there is no friction at the thighs. For wearers who, for example, also have a predominantly seated position during the day, the model also comes into the shortlist. Due to the sitting position on the chair and the constantly more or less closely arranged legs, this model is also recommended in this respect.

The Ergoslim chastity belt with the continuous crotch band with anus opening

The picture shows the Ergoslim chastity belt with continuous crotch band and anus opening. The picture should only be an example for the crotch band. Of course you will get more crotch bands for your Ergolslim chastity belt. These include the chains crotch band, the Activ crotch band, which consists of a steel cable or the double Activ crotch band, which runs like the chains between the legs to the waist band and instead of the chains contains two steel cables.

The Penis Tube in the Ergoslim Chastity Belt

The penis tube in the Ergoslim chastity belt is shaped similar to a "C", which gives the wearer a little more space for the testicles. Due to the contour of this penis tube there is a recess in the area where the testicles sit. If you do not prefer this tube, the Ergoslim can of course also be made with a straight base penis tube.

The Ergoslim chastity belt with the curved "C" penis tube for more space for the testicles.

Of course, this model also offers the usual adjustability in all areas.

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