Ergoslim Chastity Belt with Closed Penis Tube

12.04.2019 20:12

Ergoslim chastity belt with closed penis tube.

The Ergoslim Chastity Belt has a closure plate with urinal holes at the end of the installed penis tube. The penis tube of the chastity belt is therefore closed at the end. There is always some distance between the front shield of the chastity belt and the installed penis tube. Some customers want to have total security when wearing the chastity belt and absolutely no access, for example to the glans of the penis. This makes any kind of external stimulation impossible.

The contact from outside, between the front shield and then to the glans to stimulate the penis, can reach a clever chastity belt wearer if he has slender and long fingers. Exactly here the closed penis tube sets acts, which suppress an access from the outside effectively!

No more access from the outside to get to the glans!

By the way: Not only for the Ergoslim Chastity Belt where the tube is closed as standard, every other basic model can also be optionally manufactured with a closed tube in the chastity belt. When ordering, you can simply select the option "closed penis tube" in the online shop.

On the following picture you can see the closed penis tube of the tube from the chastity belt. Through the urinal drillings the urine can run out normally. It is only important that the wearer of the chastity belt with a closed tube learns to slowly let the urine out so that the urine has enough time to run through the urinal holes.

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