Feet shackles made off stainless steel – construction – function

13.04.2019 21:08

Feet shackles made off stainless steel – construction – function

Feet shackles: how are the feet shackles constructed?

Generally the feet shackles are made off stainless steel V2A. At the outside they have a silicone profile, which is glued to the steel. That’s why the shackles are so comfortable. The skin is protected because it doesn’t get in contact with the steel.

You have at each shackle a foldable D-ring, which has a hinge made off plastic and is a casing of stainless steel. So the D-ring can be folded up and down and it stays in the same position without clattering.

The shackles will be closed with a brand lock. The opening area has a stainless steel hinge. To close the shackle you just put them around the leg and close it. Then you put on the lock and close it.

You will get for each set of feet shackles two locks, which will be delivered.

It is always important that you open up the lock completely so that the bracket goes over the safety bolt which is made off stainless steel, so that the shackles can be closed. You need to follow this instruction so the brackets do not get damaged.

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